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for disease treatment.


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Control Hypertension with DENEX™ System

DENEX™ system helps to lower blood pressure
in hypertensive patients.

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DENEX System

DENEX™ is a proprietary RDN system that consists
of basket type catheter and RF energy generator.

Control Hypertension with
DENEX™ System

DENEX is NEXt generation DENervation system designed to accommodate
human physiological diversity in one-size-fit-all design.

Its unique design allows a single catheter to successfully lower your blood
pressure through bilateral denervation of renal nerves.

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DENEX can provide a new life
for hypertensive patients.

DENEX System Key Features

  • Multi-electrode enables
    fast and easy ablation.

  • One-size-fit-all design is
    applicable to a wide range of
    arterial size.

  • Simple but useful UI enables
    intuitive operation.

  • Real-time temperature
    feedback with adjusting power
    delivery ensures safety.

  • Arterial wall contact
    sensor improves efficacy and safety.

DENEX System

  • Multiple functions such as contact, temperature and impedance sensing integrated into one sensor.
  • Contact sensing improves the efficiency and safety of the RDN procedure.
  • MEMS technology simplifies the packaging process of the catheter head.
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